Post release of The Long Dark unfortunately sees Jack fleeing the country! Just kidding, Jack has relinquished his drumming duties in Duskwood to explore Australia and Vietnam for a while, and we all wish him all the best on his travels! Jack's known to be a keen lover of a good grill-up, so we're sure he'll be sparking up a few barbies and living his best life! Enjoy dude!


Meanwhile Hugh Landon joins us in wielding the sticks behind the kit. He's been in and remains a member of South West rockers The Flattones for a number of years, and brings with him oozes of grooves and a killer Cowbell. With two gigs already under his belt with Duskwood, Hugh has taken drumming duties in his stride, picking up existing tracks and helping write new material. Look out for new Duskwood material in the future as Hugh puts his stamp on it!


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