Hard Rock infused with Desert and Stoner influences. Duskwood are a 4 piece Hard Rock/Stoner Rock band hailing from Yeovil, Somerset in the United Kingdom. From the soaring vocals of Wolfmother and Clutch, the hazy desert stoner sound of early Queens Of The Stone Age, to the heavy riff filled assualt of The Sword, Duskwood are a culmindation of influences creating distinctive, easily accessible hard rock

With one vision of giving all round auditory pleasure to the listener, Duskwood bring a high energy, groovy live show that engages and inspires the audience.

The band's first EP 'Cavete Ursus' was released in 2013 followed by full length debut 'Desert Queen'. Recorded in rural Somerset, Desert Queen is 10 crafted tracks of blistering rock, snappy riffs and unique vocals which released in November 2016. With an influence on fantasy and real-life events, Desert Queen appeals to a wide audience of rock lovers.

Following on from Desert Queen is the first 4-track installment of a Nomad's Saga, 'The Long Dark', April 2019. Recorded by Chris Fielding of the mighty Conan at the legendary SkyHammer Studios, The Long Dark describes a journey through space and time as he travels the comsos, bearing witness to large structures and cosmic voids. With a wealth of glowing reviews, The Long Dark has set the goal posts high for a second installment, which is slated for a 2020 release.